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#Keready is making healthcare more accessible, relevant and judgment-free, especially for you! 

We offer a range of health services through our 46 mobile health units, across four provinces, offering services like screenings and tests, family planning, immunisations and treatment – all designed specifically for you.

Our young doctors and nurses provide straightforward, no-nonsense health information. We use social media channels, podcasts and our WhatsApp line to empower you to find the health information you need and share it with your peers. As a result, more young people are getting the healthcare they need every week.

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#Keready doctor

Dr Afifa Titus

Hello, I’m Afifa Titus, a fresh-faced medical doctor!

My journey led me to Stellenbosch University in the Western Cape, where I earned my stripes.

After smashing my internship and community service, I’ve got my sights set on expanding my knowledge in primary healthcare.

I’m all about making healthcare equitable in developing countries and making a positive impact on public health.

When I’m not wearing my doctor’s coat, I’m out there, savouring the rich culture of Cape Town through culinary escapades and discovering hidden gems around this fantastic city.


#Keready doctor

DR Katlego Lekalakala

I call Pretoria my home. That’s where I got my bachelor’s degree in Medicine and Surgery back in 2019. 

I kicked off my journey during the pandemic, doing my internship at Charlotte Maxeke Johannesburg Academic Hospital, and later, dived into community service at Tembisa Hospital. 

During that time, I saw how resource constraints affected our work quality. It lit a fire in me for outreach and helping our communities even more. 

My passion? Health education, especially women’s health, early childhood development, and mental well-being.

When I’m not doctoring or advocating for better health, you’ll catch me creating content, spending quality time with my daughter and husband, and binge-watching ‘The Block.’


#Keready doctor

Dr Phumelela Sambumbu

Hey, I’m Phumelela Sambumbu.

My roots go back to the rural corners of Tsomo in the Eastern Cape.

I proudly earned my MBCHB from Stellenbosch University. Then, I tackled my internship at the East London Complex and dived into my community service year at the Red Cross War Memorial Children’s Hospital in Cape Town.

I’m all about primary and public healthcare, and I’ve got a soft spot for Maternal and Child Care.

Now, when I’m not saving the world one patient at a time, you’ll find me exploring new places, getting lost in a good book, or simply enjoying a rainy day indoors.

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#Keready doctor

Dr Inga Mgaleli

Hello! Dr Inga Mgaleli here. A small-town girl from the Eastern Cape’s gorgeous Queenstown and I’m all about improving lives. That’s why I dove headfirst into medicine, graduating with a MBCHB from UCT in 2020. After completing my Internship at Chris Hani Baragwanath Academic Hospital, I went back to Eastern Cape, where I served the amazing community of Mdantsane at Cecilia Makiwane Hospital. Public health and global surgery is my jam, and my ethos revolves around holistic healthcare and making sure everyone has access.

When I’m not rocking the stethoscope, new adventures and exploring are my thing. Whether it’s hitting the city, diving into different cultures, or getting lost in the latest K-drama craze, I love soaking up life’s endless possibilities.

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#Keready doctor

Dr. Madaliso Phiri

Heita! I’m Dr. Madaliso Phiri, originally from sunny North West Mafikeng. My focus is on keeping our bodies strong, minds sharp, and plates healthy. Love to chat and spread good vibes on staying healthy, mainly through health talks. My journey kicked off at Moses Kotane Hospital, where I really got to see and feel the struggles many face with health due to not knowing enough. So, my goal? To empower and educate my peeps as much as I can.

When I’m not working with Keready, where I coordinate the mobile clinics in the King Cetshwayo region, you’ll catch me at the gym, boxing, or deep in a book.


#Keready doctor

Dr Anda Gxolo

I call East London my home.

I bagged my MBChB degree at the University of the Free State in 2020.

My heart beats for youth empowerment and youth health education, so that the youth can be better equipped to make optimal decisions about their lives and future.

I believe that I will see us become a HIV Free Generation in my lifetime.

I am overseeing the Small Projects Foundation. The goal of this project is to promote behavioural change to reduce HIV infection.

I am thrilled that I get to be a part of this project, and have the opportunity to see what this project can do for the future of this country.

When I am not saving the world one patient at a time, you’ll find me exploring new places, creating content and spending quality time with my family.

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#Keready doctor

DR Eileen Katiga Kaba

Hello, I’m Eileen Katiga Kaba, Ghanaian raised in SA in Komani, Eastern Cape. I obtained my degree from Stellenbosch University in 2018.

Zoom to 2019, and I’m rocking my white coat at RK Khan Hospital in Durban for my internship. Two years later, I fulfilled my Community Service obligations at Maphutha Malatji Hospital in Phalaborwa.

It was during my time at Maphutha Malatji Hospital that I gained insight into the impact of political and social issues on healthcare, sparking my interest in mental and public health.

When I’m not playing the hero in scrubs at Keready, catch me strolling along the sandy shores, staying in the loop with all the current affairs, or indulging in my ultimate hobby, the noble art of snoozing!


Volunteering doctor

Dr Tutula Singata

Hey, I’m Tutula Singata.

Hailing from Mthatha in the Eastern Cape, I proudly wear the title of a medical doctor.

My journey led me to the University of Cape Town, where I earned my MBChB.

During my internship, I got to know Frere and Cecilia Makhiwane hospitals in East London. Then, my community service took me to Embhuleni Hospital in Mpumalanga.

Social justice? That’s my jam! I’m all about it. My areas of interest include women’s health, sexual and reproductive health, and mental well-being.

And when I’m off the clock, you’ll find me soaking up quality time with my loved ones. They’re the ones who keep my cup full.


Volunteering doctor

Dr Siyanda Mgangato

Hey there, I’m Siyanda Mgangato!

I’m a small-town kid, Matatiele in the Eastern Cape is where I’m from.

In 2018, I proudly graduated from the University of the Free State with an MBChB.

I cut my medical teeth during my internship at Ladysmith Regional Hospital and continued my journey with community service at Sundumbili CHC in Mandeni.

My passions? They revolve around primary healthcare and women’s health.

Now, when I’m not doctoring, you’ll find me exploring my inner foodie, indulging in outdoor adventures, and satisfying my wanderlust.

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Volunteering doctor


Hey, it’s Dr Taz, also known as @thepeoples_dr! I’m a trailblazing doctor, born and bred in the vibrant city of Cape Town. Overcoming the hurdles of teenage pregnancy at 15, I powered through and snagged my medical degree at Wits University. Now, I blend my personal journey with professional know-how, championing mental health, wellness, and prevention of on teenage pregnancy; online, as a keynote speaker and for Keready.

I’m all about holistic care—mixing evidence-based medicine with a big dose of empathy and compassion. My mantra? “A good doc treats the disease, but a legend treats the patient dealing with the disease.”

My downtime vibes? You’ll catch me hitting the gym and soaking up quality fam time. Yep, I might sound boring, but hey, it’s the simple joys, right?


Volunteering doctor

DR Dineo Sefoloko

Hey, I’m Dineo Sefoloko, 30 years young, hailing from the cozy Eastern Cape town, Matatiele. I proudly graduated for my MBCHB degree from the University of Cape Town back in 2017.

Then, I dove into the medical world, did my internship gig at RK Khan Hospital in Durban, and served the community in uMsinga, KZN, at COSH.

You could say I’m all about the little ones – paediatrics is my jam! I’m also super into wellness, in all its shapes and sizes. And when it comes to public health, well, that’s where my heart’s at. I reckon being a doc is like sharing a special gift with the world.

When I’m not doctoring, you’ll find me breaking a sweat with some outdoor runs and activities, or just chilling with friends and family to recharge those batteries.


Volunteering doctor

Dr Omishka Hirachund

I’m Omishka Hirachund from Durban. I studied at Wits University and am currently pursuing a Masters in Medical Science. My passions include travel, running, and reading. I am committed to empowering women and advocating for equal healthcare access in South Africa. My dream is to specialise in cardiology and endocrinology.


Volunteering doctor

Dr Rejoice Katjitae

Hey fam! I’m Dr Rejoice Katjitae, holding it down in Gauteng, managing clinics in Tshwane and WestRand. Raised in Cape Town and Namibia, I got my MBChB from Wits.

I did my community service at Chris Hani Baragwanath Hospital for two years, then served the community in Potchefstroom while sneaking in some CrossFit.

My journey lit a fire in me for surgery and fixing up the body. I’m all about that holistic care, empowering communities to boost their mental and physical health.

When I’m off work, you’ll find me outdoors, breaking a sweat with different exercises, or vibing to some live jazz. Family and friends? They’re my everything!

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