#Keready Celebrates Love and Reproductive Health This February!

South Africa – February 2024 –  February is the month of love, and while the focus is around Valentine’s Day, romance and love, leading youth-led health movement Keready advocates it is worth remembering that it is also Reproductive Health Month. Throughout the month, Keready will spark important conversations through its active social media channels and mobile clinics, about sexual and emotional well-being, empowering young people in South Africa to make informed choices about their bodies and relationships.

Keready’s presence on social media and its network of 46 mobile clinics across four provinces will be buzzing with positive messages and resources. From healthy relationships and communication to sexual health and self-care, Keready aims to equip young people with the knowledge and confidence they need to thrive.

Doctor James Menyah-Artivor, overseeing the Tshwane region at Keready, emphasises the importance of this combined focus: “Love and healthy relationships are cornerstones of young people’s well-being, and reproductive health is intricately linked to that. By celebrating both this February, we hope to empower young people to make informed decisions about their bodies, their relationships, and using protection. We encourage open conversations and aim to dispel myths surrounding these crucial topics.”

Keready provides free, confidential reproductive health services like contraceptives, STI and HIV screening along with treatment. Beyond this, the Keready team also actively engage young people through interactive school sessions and collaborations with community partners. These sessions cover essential topics such as healthy relationships, effective communication, and responsible sexual health practices.


“As teenage pregnancy rates remain a concern, we recognise the urgent need for comprehensive education on contraceptives, consent, and healthy relationships. That’s why we urge everyone to join the conversation and help spread the message of love and reproductive health. Together, we can create a brighter future for young people,” says Doctor Dineo Sefoloko, overseeing the Durban region at Keready.

Young people can get answers to all their reproductive health questions by simply sending a WhatsApp message to 060 019 0000. Additionally, Keready’s social media pages (@kereadysa) offer a wealth of information and resources, further amplifying their mission to promote accessible healthcare for young people. The Keready team of 10 young doctors, will also host weekly TikTok Q&A sessions on reproductive health topics, covering pregnancy, STIs, PrEP, PEP, and condoms. These sessions go live each Wednesday at 7pm.

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